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Filtro flotante taza Finum

5,90 IVA incluído

Filtro flotante con malla fina de acero inoxidable.

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Filtro flotante con malla fina de acero inoxidable Finum. Incluye tapa de plástico.


  • 6 cm de diámetro.

1 valoración en Filtro flotante taza Finum

  1. Aida (propietario verificado)

    It brews great tea, filtering really well small leafed loose teas as same as the ones with larger leaves. So, I don’t need to buy paper teabags anymore. It’s partially plastic, which for some people is a problem, but it is reusable and can be recycled. Personally, I like that I only have to touch the plastic cap, preventing me from burning my fingertips as usually happens with my other metal infusers or hot tea bags. It fits well in all the teapots and mugs in my home. It is a perfect practical gift for tea lovers. I bought two, one for me and another to my sister-in-law.

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